Note: We continue to offer Juice fasting and detoxification throughout the year along with our special events. You may book your fasting weekend without participating in a special event.
*prices do not include HST *

no refund on deposits.

When you make the decision to do your cleansing detox program we would like you to be committed to your health. To see this through to the end so that you will receive the maximum benefit.

When you arrive for your cleanse program you are committed to stay for the full length of days that you booked for.

Your payment for your booked stay will be made in full at the time of your arrival.


If you leave before your scheduled departure date you must pay for the full stay that you booked for.

All prices are subject to change without notice.



Prices include:

Yoga, meditation.

Raw organic vegetable juices and power detoxifying drinks.

Accommodations private or shared.

Motivational talks on a healthy lifestyle.

  • $225.00 per day per person for a private room.
  • $200.00 per day per person for a shared room.




  • Reg. Nutritional Consultation (1 hr / $95.00)
  • Kripalu massage (1 hr / $95.00)
  • Reiki (1 hr / $95.00)
  • Mind Body & Soul Integration (1 hr / $95.00)
  • CranioSacral Therapy (1 hr / $95.00)
  • Reflexology (1 hr / $95.00)
  • Far Infrared Sauna Detoxification (30 min / $40.00)
  • Coffee Enema ($40.00)


Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat
658 Wellmans Rd, RR#3
Stirling, ON, Canada
Phone: (613) 395-6332
I arrived tense, tired and bloated .You took me under your wings and soothed my frazzled nerves. Now I am REFRESHED, RENEWED, and REVITALIZED. The fresh raw juices are a rare treat, something my body soaked up with great PASSION.
- Julia Woodford
Editor of
VITALITY Magazine www.vitalitymagazine.com