Kripalu Massage

The basis of Kripalu Bodywork is the yogic principle that Love is the Mother of all healing arts.
No technique substitutes for the attitude of compassion if true healing of the body, mind, and spirit
is to occur. Kripalu Bodywork facilitates the release of muscle tension and stress, improves blood
and lymph flow, promotes relaxation and restores vitality.  Kripalu meditative approach to bodywork
allows greater attunement between therapist and client.  You tune in to your own unique needs and
innate self-healing abilities.

David draws from a wide range of healing modalities, including muscle tissue manipulation,
trigger-point stimulation, acupressure and Reiki to respond to your body’s needs.  All of these techniques
help you transcend self-imposed limits and feel a high level of wellness.


Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat
658 Wellmans Rd, RR#3
Stirling, ON, Canada
Phone: (613) 395-6332
I arrived tense, tired and bloated .You took me under your wings and soothed my frazzled nerves. Now I am REFRESHED, RENEWED, and REVITALIZED. The fresh raw juices are a rare treat, something my body soaked up with great PASSION.
- Julia Woodford
Editor of
VITALITY Magazine www.vitalitymagazine.com