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Raw organic juicing is cleansing, detoxifying, invigorating, and most important absolutely delicious!!!!!! The results of drinking juices and power drinks will amaze you!! They are the best meal replacements and you will never feel more nourished.

My expertise is in the planning of which ingredients will best nourish your particular system. I take a brief history from you before you arrive and then the day you arrive here, David and I sit with you and listen to your particular needs, and then evaluate the types of juices and treatments that would be best suited to bringing your entire system back into balance and optimal health. I also listen carefully and watch how your body is functioning in order to make a plan for you to continue a healthy eating plan at home. I make a written fail proof very simple plan, so it is easy to follow with your particular lifestyle. This is so important that you can continue to be healthy and know what to do when you get home. I make sure that the preparations are easy to do and not time consuming, and that the foods I choose are packed with high power nutrients that are easily absorbed into your system.

You will leave Nonpareil feeling the best you’ve felt in years.

Please go to our testimonials. They are inspirational!

Nonpareil is for overtired moms, if you are recovering from chemo, if you are a Bay Streeter with high cholesterol, overstressed from work or planning a girlfriends getaway, bridal party, golfing weekend or simply if you need a rest and want to be totally taken care of, there’s a place for everyone under our roof.


Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat
658 Wellmans Rd, RR#3
Stirling, ON, Canada
Phone: (613) 395-6332
I arrived tense, tired and bloated .You took me under your wings and soothed my frazzled nerves. Now I am REFRESHED, RENEWED, and REVITALIZED. The fresh raw juices are a rare treat, something my body soaked up with great PASSION.
- Julia Woodford
Editor of
VITALITY Magazine www.vitalitymagazine.com