David Gouveia


David Gouveia RHNC. ROHP. (Registered holistic nutritional consultant/ Registered orthomolecular health practitioner) Member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants.

In my practice I focus on bringing the molecular structure of the body back into balance, by supplying it with the right balance of nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Poor health starts at a molecular level. Biochemical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances will affect the overall health of our molecular structure. This imbalance will cause disease.

Living a healthy lifestyle is and has been a way of life for my family and I for as long as I can remember. In preparation for my calling as a healer and teacher the most important period of my life was my years as a child and teenager. I grew up in a community of healers who used what was available, natural healing herbs and physical manipulation. I was on the receiving end of many of these healings from the early age of 6 months old. Even though I was not fully aware of it, my journey into the natural healing arts started.

I bring 40 years of experience to my healing practice.

I studied at the Kripalu Institute in Massachusetts. I teach yoga, Reiki and Bodywork. I also bring into my healing practice nutritional consultations, which help to pinpoint your personal nutritional needs. I believe that detoxification, combined with nutritional support and specific energy healing work will bring the body back into balance at a fast rate. I provide Life Directions counseling for those who want to introduce a new way of being in their relationships, work and fulfilling their life’s purpose.

I teach you ways to de-stress, relax, meditate and restore clarity of mind and a vibrant spirit. Meditation, concentration and focusing techniques, silent, active and sitting meditation, taught me the art of listening and being observant. It is from this place of centeredness that I allow this healing energy of light to move through me to bring healing to you. At Nonpareil Natural Health Retreat we will give you the opportunity to experience Physical, Mental and Spiritual Renewal.


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I arrived tense, tired and bloated .You took me under your wings and soothed my frazzled nerves. Now I am REFRESHED, RENEWED, and REVITALIZED. The fresh raw juices are a rare treat, something my body soaked up with great PASSION.
- Julia Woodford
Editor of
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