The Healer on the Sidewalk.


The Healer on the Sidewalk.

We arrived in Rome on our anniversary by train and found the way to our hotel which was located close to the train station. After settling in we decided to walk to the Coliseum.

On our way we got directions from several local people. This took us to the main street in Rome for shopping. There were many high end fashion boutiques and restaurants on both sides of the street, shoppers and business people busy walking in all directions along the sidewalks.

We continued along the main street heading down to the Coliseum. Along the sidewalk we passed an old woman kneeling on the cement sidewalk with her hands in front of her, her head bowed forward in prayer. Further along the sidewalk about half a block away we passed a young man sitting on the sidewalk begging. He was severely deformed. We continued moving through the crowds focused on getting to our destination. I stopped. Then Mano and her sister Nancy stopped and turned around and asked why are you stopping? I said that I have to go back to the old woman praying on the sidewalk.

Nancy did not want to go back and Mano did not want to leave her there on her own so a compromise was made. Mano came half a block with me so that she could still see Nancy and I continued on my way to the praying woman.

I knelt down on one knee in front of her. I looked at her. She was still in the same position head down praying. I said to her “pray for me”. She looked up at me and spoke in Italian. We made eye contact and I felt a strong energy connection through her eyes deep into her soul. The praying woman bowed her head and continued praying. I stayed there for what seemed like eternity but I know that it was only about 30 seconds to a minute.

Many times we walk away from experiences because we are too busy with life. Little do we know that this is the real thing. This is the life that we are missing. We are missing this connection to God because we are too busy focusing on what we think is important. We are focusing on the destination which we and society around us have created as our priority rather than living in the moment, being present in every interaction so that we can experience God in every moment, so that we can experience God in each other.

When I first passed this old woman I felt something as I passed by her even though the sidewalk was busy and we were focused on getting to our destination. I was ignoring what was being presented to me because of my obligation to others. You see, we had to get to the Coliseum so that we could have that experience, one of the experiences that every tourist goes to Rome for, so we could come back home with pictures to share our trip.

But I could not let it go. I could not walk away from this powerful connection that I felt. It was a knowing. It was a familiar feeling, something that I had felt before when I was about 5 years old.

I will tell you about this so that you can understand the connection.

When I was growing up in Guyana there was a custom. Once a month the beggars would be allowed to come into town and walk through the streets going from house to house begging. They passed by in groups 30 to 50 at a time the younger and healthier moving ahead of the others. There was this older beggar woman that my mom called Bowjie, (this means step sister). Bowjie was very feeble. She was hunched over from the waist and her wrinkled skin hung from her bones. Bowjie wore an apron over her clothes. She gathered the apron from the bottom to form a carrying pouch for what she collected.

One day when I was about 5 years old mom told me to go out to the street and to wait for Bowjie to come by and to give her these two potatoes. As Bowjie approached I got scared. I was terrified at her appearance. I remembered standing back as far as I possibly could and reaching my hands forward holding the two potatoes out to drop them into Bowjie’s apron. After I released the potatoes I quickly pulled back my hands and looked up at her. She looked down at me. Our eyes fixed on each other’s eyes and she said “God bless you” and I truly felt blessed. As I continued to look into her eyes I felt as if I was being drawn up into her eyes getting lost in her soul. It felt like eternity even though I know that it was only seconds. I felt deeply connected to something greater than the form, greater than the old wrinkled woman that stood in front of me because I looked into her eyes and experienced her soul. I experienced God within her soul.

This powerful God energy is not reserved only for the holy men, the bishops, sages or shamans. It can be found in anyone or any living being once you find it in yourself.

We are afraid to connect with others at this deep place because it is pure love to look into someone’s eyes and experience their soul. Feeling this deep love can be overwhelming so we avoid it.

These experiences continued at different times throughout my life. I didn’t know who to talk to or if anyone would understand.

Now I’m writing about it because I know what it is and have known for a long time.

David Gouveia.





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